Hi, I’m Teddi B.

Hi. I’m Teddi B, master trainer, owner, and founder of Hot Mamas.

I’ve been in the fitness biz before anyone even knew what a personal trainer was. I started training girls in my college gym back in the 80’s where, believe it or not, people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and a woman named Rachel McLish were my inspiration. I began as a body-builder and even competed for many years. Yes, I greased up, got overly tan and posed basically naked on a stage. This is not like the fitness shows you see now — this was old-school, bodybuilding. And it’s those roots that really have been my foundation for my program from the beginning: Good, old-fashioned hard work & intensity – and an almost flawless diet (I do love ice cream after all).

Fast forward to my fitness career in NYC, where I left a law job that I was disgusted with, to become a full-time trainer at Equinox (again, before anyone know what a trainer was except wealthy New Yorkers). I worked with actors, models, and regular peeps all from the crack of dawn to well into the night. And it’s those years and years of working with all types of physiques and genetic backgrounds and special populations (from MS, to cancer, diabetes, arthritic conditions, and pregnancy) that have given me the background and knowledge to develop my program that only hands-on-experience can provide. Yes, I do have all the certifications too: ACSM, NASM, ACE, AFFA, EFTI, Post-rehab, Pre-Natal, Post-Natal, Special populations, Boxing, Pilates, Bosu, Spinning, Body Pump, and more.

It wasn’t until I got pregnant the first time, that I realized no one has really mastered the art of training women. All of the workouts at the time were really the same for both men and women. Through my own training and research while pregnant and eventually post-partum, I noticed that women’s bodies require a completely different type of training to yield the results that women want: a long, lithe, toned physique – no bulk, yet still strong. It took me years to whittle down the muscles I had developed from my Arnold days — but I did it, and completely changed the shape of my body. And then I made it my mission to do the same for all of my female clients — and it worked!

Now, in my Denver studio – where my focus is completely female – my team and I are dedicated to getting women in the best shape they’ve ever been. It’s through high intensity, non-stop, hard work (minus all the heavy lifting and ridiculous, unsafe exercises) that these women are looking and feeling better than they ever have (plus a bunch of secret formula exercises and sequences that I would share, but then I’d have to kill you). Step into my studio and look around the room at all the hot bodies — it’s not an accident, it’s a formula.

In my spare time, I’m a mom, sing in a choir, DJ, blog, ski, a tequila expert, and designing a line of fitness wear . . . coming soon!