Why Hot Mamas?

“I just have to tell you I couldn’t be happier that I stumbled upon your gig here. The classes are the best I’ve ever taken – by a landslide – across the board. Regardless the instructor, they are consistently challenging, new, and interesting. You also have assembled an impressive group of students over the years who look amazing and seem like really fun and positive women. My biggest incentive has become seeing all of your perfect bodies day in and day out. The childcare situation has been a godsend – the girls are great and it’s so easy. The online sign up, the new lunch offerings – everything is just dead on target. So in summary: you pretty much rule.”

Exercises that are proven effective for women

Women want to be strong, but generally don’t want to look like a man. So, why would we do the same workout?  Hot Mamas has the formula to get you strong but also give you the long, lean, lithe, sculpted and supple physique you’ve always wanted.  Even our Femme Fatale and Armed & Dangerous classes focus on strength, but still give us the body to rock a dress and heels without looking like we are in drag.

Smart, experienced and energetic teachers

We’ve searched far and wide for the best teachers in town and we have pretty high standards: nationally certified, years of experience, dynamic, current and of course, cool.  And while we have definite formats for our classes each teacher has her own flavor and is given the freedom to make the class her own.

Tons of classes to fit your schedule

We have classes all day every day and are constantly adding more.  We even have classes at odd hours.  Now there really aren’t any more excuses.

Crankin’ Music

Our music is always off the hook, motivating, loud and fun. Join us for our special DJ classes and if you’re lucky, you can get your hands on one of our limited edition, “Best of” mixtape.

Cool and motivated Hot Mamas in every class

You won’t find a more inclusive, enthusiastic bunch of women like Hot Mamas. It’s always slightly intimidating to walk into a new studio but you will feel instantly welcome and a part of the community. Many of us have become great friends, go on retreats together and our families hang together.

Original, challenging and fun classes

We keep it fresh and we push you hard. Our classes are constantly changing and authentic – you will always see it first at Hot Mamas.

Clean and comfortable women’s-only studio

In addition to our spacious, hip and fun studio, we have a locker room, shower and lounge area so comfortable you may never want to leave.

Nutritional programs that make working out even more effective

It’s no secret that eating well is a tremendous part of how you look and feel. We have nutritionists on site that will help you figure out your eating dilemmas plus we have our annual Hot Mamas Cleanse and famous and very effective Bikini Diet.

Serious results

Stick with us and you’ll have the rockin’ body you’ve always dreamed of.  Don’t believe it?  Take advantage of our special unlimited special or a free first class and check out the other Hot Mamas!