Didn’t mom
tell you to
eat your

Eating intelligently is a key part
of looking and feeling great.
The good news is it’s easy and we can help.

Post-workout refreshments
All natural and locally-sourced 

                    In a hurry after your workout?  Who isn’t.  That’s why we offer healthy, great tasting salads and juices from two of our favorite local companies.
And we’re always looking to add more.  If you have a healthy, local favorite, let us know.

Remember … Eating healthy is important.  But so is not skipping meals.

Cleanses and diets are a great way to get back on track and jump start your fitness regimine.

Our cleanses will not only help you refocus and start eating the way you know you should,
but they can also help identify* allergies and/or foods that are simply negatively affecting you.

Our cleanses, along with our diets, are also a great way to drop a few stubborn pounds or start on the road to losing however much weight you want to lose.

All of our cleanses and diets have been created in conjunction with certified nutritionists and have also been reviewed by medical doctors.

14 Day Cleanse

5 Day Cleanse

Mini Weekend Cleanse

Bikini Diet

Holiday Season Diet

* If you’re interested in a more scientific approach to food allergies, we offer testing.  Please see the next section.

Certified nutritional counseling on site

We offer a wide array of professional, nutrition consulting services, including:

Nutritional Consulting

Custom Diets

Food Intolerance Testing

Family Nutrition

Meal Planning

Pre- and Post-Natal Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

These services are offered on-site and can be conveniently scheduled before or after your workout class.

Please contact us at info@hotmamasexercise.com to learn more and schedule an appointment.

A family that eats right
is a healthy family.

Set a good example.