We have very fair prices so you have no excuse not to have the best workouts of your life!

Despite the high-quality and originality of our classes, you’ll find our prices are very reasonable.
Less than many places with much inferior offerings (in our humble opinion yet confirmed by others all the time).
This is because Teddi B wants Hot Mamas to help as many women as possible look and feel their very best.
In fact, if you want to take classes at Hot Mamas and truly can’t afford it, talk to Teddi and we’ll see if we can’t help you out.

New Students

1st Class Free
3 pack $ 30 (expires after 1 month)
Virgin First Month – Come to as many classes as you’d like! $99

These are for brand new students only. 

Class Packages

1 class: $30 (expires after 1 month)

5 pack $125 (expires after 2 months)
10 pack $200 (expires after 3 months)
20 pack $360 (expires after 6 months)

Please note the expiration date as there are no extensions, no refunds, no exceptions (unless you are prohibited by a Dr.)

Monthly Memberships

Best-dealAutopay Monthly Unlimited $139* – Come to as many classes as you’d like! (30 day cancellation policy)

Monthly 4 Pack (4 classes per month) $59 Autopay (must commit to 3 months)
Monthly 8 Pack (8 classes per month) $109 Autopay (must commit to 3 months)

To purchase a class or package:

Click here to sign up for class
• select the first class you’d like to attend
• follow the instructions on-line to set up your new account

To sign up for the Autopay memberships, go to the contracts tab.
Keep in mind you have to give us 30 days to cancel your Autopay contract!

Cancellation Policy

In order to give our hot Mamas best possible experience, we limit our class sizes. Because of that, sometimes classes are full and wait-listed. We would love to accommodate everyone, but we simply need to keep the classroom at a sustainable occupancy to keep the classroom safe and so you can have fun! We have had to put in place a cancellation policy because many people reserve classes, but then don’t show up (insert big thumbs down). So we ask that you please cancel online if you can’t come so someone else can! Please do not cancel by email unless you are doing so at least 24 hours in advance.

Both class packages and Monthly Memberships have a 4-hour cancellation window.
You must cancel out of your class 4 hours prior to the class or you will be subject to:

• a $10 cancellation fee if you are a monthly member,
• or  forfeit a class if you have a class package.

*If you are more than 10 minutes late for class, we may give your spot away to someone waiting to drop into class.

Wait List

If you are signed up on the waiting list, we will notify you via email and/or text when you have made it into class. And you must answer your email or text to confirm or deny your entry into class. Being on a wait list is just like signing up for class, if you don’t respond, you will be still be treated as if you were signed up for class and will be charged accordingly. 

You are always welcome to show up to the studio in case we have no-shows, but do understand you may be turned away if the class is at capacity.

Please download our app for quick and easy sign up.



If you’ve never tried a class and want to check it out,  click here for your free class!

Hope to see you in class soon!