We’ve got all kinds of
group exercise classes
guaranteed to work you
and get results
like nothing
you’ve ever experienced.

Here’s what we know.
A woman’s body responds differently to exercise than does a man’s.
Not to mention we have different goals.

So with that in mind, for nearly 15 years Hot Mamas has developed, tested and refined exercises that get the maximum results for women in the minimal amount of time.
We develop our own concepts and borrow the best from the latest techniques.
Our classes are a combination of some or all of cardio, conditioning, strength, flexibility, core and more.

Pretty much all of our classes are very challenging.  In fact, if you want to push yourself we can guarantee you won’t find a more challenging class.
That being said, all of our teachers are experts at modifying exercises for our new or less fit students so that they can enjoy the full benefits, as well.
History has shown, by the way, that those students quickly progress to the point of no longer needing the modifications.

This is a good time to mention new moms and moms-to-be.
The name Hot Mamas refers to what we’re all going to become, seriously Hot Mamas.

But it actually has its’ roots in how our founder started Hot Mamas – working with new moms.
Our classes are great for moms as they work to get their bodies back, and  even during pregnancy
(again, our teachers are experts at offering refinements to our exercises depending on the needs our mom-to-be.)

If you are pregnant or  a new mom, rest assured you can take most every class we offer.
If you aren’t sure, simply send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss your concerns.

Alright, enough talking.  Check out our classes below and sign up.
And if you’ve never been to Hot Mamas, come give a few a try.  Your first class is free so why not?

Our Classes

We are constantly working on new, innovative classes.  Be sure to check back often to see what we’re up to. One thing is for sure … we’ll never let you get bored!

All of our classes last 50 minutes unless otherwise noted.

 Please have patience. The class list is loading …

Click here to sign up for class.

And don’t forget, you first class is free!

If you’re looking for a real workout, that’s challenging, fun and gets some serious results, you’ve found it.  I know we keep pushing our first week free but it’s really the best way for us to “put our money where our mouth is”.  Come try a few classes, talk to other Hot Mamas, see what you think.  We’re betting you realize the Stairmasters have been a total waste of time.  The ballet classes have been over-priced and pretty redundant (plus, we have a ballet class on steroids called Meet Me at the Barre that you can put in your routine). Crossfit is cool and all but does it really give you a woman’s body?

As long as we’re shamelessly selling Hot Mamas, we’d be remiss to not mention our teachers.  We have a rigorous training program – we’ll put our teachers up against anyone.  We know how to best affect a woman’s body, how to make refinements when necessary and how to be creative.  Oh, and how to put together some awesome playlists.

So take advantage of our free first class.  Then sign up for our great “first” month deal.
It’s less expensive than most of the clubs around town and as you’ll find out, actually delivers what you’re looking for – a hot body.

Hope to see you in class soon.