Hot Mamas Retreats are a great way to kick start your workout and nutrition routine, get a much needed vacation, meet tons of cool women and have a total blast.
We’ve held retreats on the beaches of Mexico and in the mountains of Colorado.
Who knows where we might go next?
One thing we do know is you can join us on a Hot Mamas retreat on a beach in late winter (usually in February) and in the cool mountains in the early fall.

Here are a some retreat pics …

Spending a few days at an incredible resort with my Hot Mamas is incredible.  We see each other all the time in class but there’s a special bond created on these retreats.  I am so lucky to have such great women join me.  Teddi B

If you think Teddi knows how to teach, wait until you see her host a retreat.  Awesome.

What great food and drinks!  A chef that cooked for us every day.  Even gave us a class. I did mention the drinks, didn’t I?

Hot Mamas workouts 3 times a day for 5 days.  At the beach. Wow!

The ruins and everything about Tulum was magical.

That was what the doctor ordered.  It’s already on my calendar for next year.

I’ve been to the beach and the mountains.  I’ve surfed and mountain biked.  Me! I never thought I’d even try something like that.

It can be tough to make new friends once you have a family.  These retreats gave me a chance to really get to know, and become friends with other Hot Mamas.

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