Ready to get in the best shape of your life?

3 live classes/week for 4 weeks – in person and/or on Zoom.

Our camps are limited in size so we can watch your form and make sure you stay motivated and do everything perfectly!

The vast majority of our bootcampers love it so much and see such great results they return for multiple months!

Our in studio classes are filling up again. The energy is great! Come join us.

And if you get a monthly membership, we’ll give you HotMamasExerciseTV for free so you can also enjoy classes online and on demand.

Welcome to Hot Mamas Exercise.

Group Classes • Bootcamps • Personal Training • Retreats

We’ve helped thousands of women look and feel great for more than 20 years!
All based on The TeddiB Method,
a strategy of stressing specific body zones from a variety of angles, and doing so until exhaustion.
We put a big emphasis on proper form, both for results and safety.

Our workouts aren’t easy but they deliver the results you have always wanted. 


If you’d like to learn more about us or any of our services, please contact us at [email protected]


If you’d like to get started right away, try our group classes, In Studio or Online.
We offer a variety of new student offers.

In Studio

Feel the energy in our studio. A wide variety of fun and effective group classes with our highly trained, fun teachers and fresh playlists. Personal training. Bootcamps. You’ll work harder than you ever have and see the results you’ve always wanted. And make a ton of new friends!


All our great training available online. Group classes with all our awesome teachers Live Streaming and also recorded in HD for On Demand. Stick to your schedule with live classes or watch those same high-energy classes whenever you want, as often as you want. Plus bootcamps and personal training.

Around the world

Don’t miss our incredible fitness retreats. A great way to kick start your fitness and nutrition and reward yourself for all your hard work. Always a great group of women that do what Hot Mamas do … work hard, play hard, eat well & relax! Check out our next retreat to Steamboat Springs, CO. Not only a great time but have you ever been in the mountains during the Fall? Incredible!

Fun, challenging and 100% original group classes

Our group classes are famous for being challenging, fun and innovative.
Stick with our variety of ever-changing classes and you will get in shape.
Available both In Studio and Online – Live Streaming and On Demand.

We offer amazing small group bootcamps

Oh what we accomplish when a small group of driven women get together and push each other.
A Hot Mamas instructor provides hands on training, making sure everyone has perfect form and stays motivated.
Available both In Studio and Online.

Nothing beats one on one personal training

When it comes to getting in shape, nothing beats our one on one personal training.
Your trainer will help you set and reach your goals, keeping you motivated and accountable throughout.
Available In Studio and Online.*

Our retreats do wonders for you, both physically and mentally

Whether it’s to jump start your fitness and nutritional habits, or reward yourself for all you do, our retreats are the perfect answer.
Available on beautiful beaches, in the mountains and wherever we feel inspired.

Our next retreat is in Troncones, Mexico
April 15-22 2023


Ready to quit messing around and finally get in the shape you want?