Fun, challenging and seriously effective workouts for women.

What’s new?

filto-logo-colorWhat an awesome review at FitLo – thanks Tricia! Couldn’t have described what Hot Mamas is all about better ourselves.  Read the article here.
 stanleyWe’re growing! Our 2nd studio will open this summer at Stanley Marketplace, a cool new development in Stapleton. We’ll be sure to give you details as the time gets close. We’re also looking for another location in Greenwood Village.  If you see a space that looks cool let us know!
Word is out about our new Stapleton location. Read about it here.      frontporch logo
Our next Steamboat retreat Sept 16-19. Reserve your spot before they are all gone. Click here to learn more.
T&L logo   Featured in Travel & Leisure.  Yep.
Teddi the DJ!  No one sat down the entire night. Click the pic and check her out!
   Teddi DJ
CW2-logo featured our Hot Mamas instructors again, talking SEXY SWEAT live! Check it out!  You’re the best, Joana.
We just finished our latest retreat in Tulum, Mexico … it was epic.  Ask other Hot Mamas that went – you’ll definitely want to join us next time.
Teddi was recently featured in 5280 Women in Business.5280 logo
5280 also included Hot Mamas in “The Abosulute Best Colorado Workouts for You.”  Here’s the article.  Thanks 5280
CW2-logo showed off SEXY SWEAT live!  See why we usually have a wait list for these classes.
We now offer nutritional consulting services.  A great addition to your workouts.  Details are here.


Why Hot Mamas?

Besides getting in the best shape of your life, meeting lots of cool, interesting women and actually enjoying your workouts …

Glad you asked!

“I’ve tried ballet.  Crossfit.  Running.  Swimming.  You name it.
Never had these kind of results before.”

“You better bring your “A” game. These Hot Mamas aren’t messing around!”

“I played tennis in college. 20+ years later and I’m in way better shape
than I ever was then.”

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Best Classes in Town!

We have all the latest and greatest classes so you are always challenged and never bored. But not just for the sake of having a lot of classes. It’s all about our body-changing approach to fitness, developed by our founder, Teddi, that works a woman’s body in all kinds of different ways.  An approach that has been proven to work.

Check ’em out!

We Offer Childcare

We know how tough it is for moms to find time to workout.  That’s why we offer childcare during many of our classes.  Just look at our class schedule for the classes that have childcare and sign up. Our childcare is clean, safe and managed by licensed professionals

No excuses

Are you eating right?

Exercise is only part of the equation; you’ve got to eat right, too. Our licensed nutritionists can help you develop a food plan that works for you. Plus, we offer allergy testing, food sensitivity testing, weight loss, family food planning and more. And of course, our famous Hot Mamas Cleanse and Hot Mamas Bikini Diet. Check out Hot Mamas Nutrition.  It might be just what you’ve been missing.

Hungry to learn more?

You’ll love our original playlists.

Music is everything when it comes to working out.  Our playlists are original, phresh and motivating. Close your eyes and you might feel like are in the da club. Be a good Hot Mama and maybe you’ll even get one of our famous holiday CDs.

Listen up

Workout retreats can be pretty awesome

Every year we head to a beautiful resort on a beach for a week of awesome workouts, healthy eating and a bunch of fun.  We also have another retreat in the mountains of Colorado. Our retreats are a great way to jump start your workout, make all kinds of new friends and most important, give yourself a healthy break from the stress of life. Join us next time.  You won’t regret it!

Ready to pack your bags?

We know fitness fashion

We love exercise.  We love music.  We really love fashion. We’re always on the lookout for cool new clothing.  Fashionable and functional. And not available many places! Come visit our store – we’re always coming up with new stuff.

Try it on for size.

These are the workouts you’ve been looking for.
You’ll get in great shape, have fun and meet tons of cool women.

Our original location in Wash Park

Our new location in Stapleton (opening in July)


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